05/18/2018 – Conveniently “evil”

This post may just be me airing out my grievances. It may just be me complaining. If that is what you take it as, then so be it. I don’t have 100% proof to support my claims. All I have is what I have observed.

As I write this, my Nexus 6P is charging back up. Like I have many times before, I unplugged to use during my lunch. This time, it went from a 100% charge to 0% charge within 40 minutes. For 15 of those minutes, it was not in use. For 25 minutes, I watched a video.

For those 40 minutes, the wifi antenna was turned off. The GPS was turned off. The cellular data plan was turned off. Only antennas on were Bluetooth and cellular (voice). I only leave those on so I can use the phone (if needed), get text messages, and use my Bluetooth headphones. Otherwise, I’d turn those off, too.

The thing is, even if I turned everything off, my phone may still die. This morning, it went from 100% battery to 0% battery within 10 minutes of removing from the charger. The only thing I was doing was surfing the internet. Yesterday morning, it also dropped from 100% to 0% when I used it to take three pictures. It shut down just as I snapped the third picture.

This behavior is not new, but it is getting worse. And, it all started some time between January 2018 and the end of April 2018. It is not just my phone that I have observed doing this, but also my wife’s. She now has to use both a case with a built-in battery and an external battery. Me, I got a back-up battery, but most of the time, I am looking for places to plug my phone in before it decides that the battery is dead.

Of course, I can only tell you what I have observed. But, if you do a web search for Nexus 6P battery issues, it turns out that there are a lot of other people with the same issue. From what I have ready, until recently, it appears that Google (whom we bought our phones from) and Huawei (who currently manufactures the phones) were replacing the phones. Now, they are saying that it is normal behavior, because the phones are old. That is also what I was told by Google support this week when I contacted them. I told them I had old tech, so I know how a battery degrades over time, but this was not normal. Of course, support had no solutions for me, because the company they work for will not offer any.

Google’s slogan was once, “Don’t be evil”. So where is that now that they have a large group of people complaining about a defective product? Well, they conveniently dropped it without a peep, back in 2006. So, they are free to be as evil as they want to be by pushing out an update earlier this year that would destroy the Nexus 6P battery. The same tactic that Apple had been using for years with their iPhones. But at least Apple admitted to it (after getting caught) and is now offering replacements.


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