03/05/2018: Motivation

It was around 1998. I had graduated from high school back in 1995, and was working full time. Why I did not go to college is another story for another time. My mom was struggling with pay the bills, due to only having a part-time job and barely having any hours at that job. Because I had a full-time job, I moved into the two-bedroom house that she was renting and took over the rent and bills.

I don’t remember exactly when it first started, but I remember as far back as when I was a pre-teen, the windows in my mom’s room would always be “blacked out”. In other words, she would put thick curtains, blankets, black trash bags, or other things like those to completely block out any light from outside. Her room in the house that we were living at the time was no exception.

The place that she was currently working at had stopped giving her hours. So, except to go outside to smoke, she had no reason to leave her room. And, for a few weeks, she didn’t leave her room. I tried a few times to get her to come out, but she didn’t want to. Finally, when she finally did emerge, she said how tired and out of energy she felt. I told her that it was because she did nothing but sit in her room all day for weeks.

When I feel tired and don’t want to do anything, I think of my mom during that time. We all get tired and need the rest. But, the longer you rest, the more your body is going to want to rest. I cannot recall all the times that I felt like just sitting around, but instead, forced myself not to. I would go for a walk, or for a car ride. Or, just go to the library or book store and find something to read. Any reason to get out of the house. There had even been times where it felt like a headache was coming on, but after getting out of the house for an hour, I start to feel better.

Now, I have my daughter and like most kids, she gets bored very easily. This serves as a bigger motivator for me. We are fortunate enough to be living in an area where there are often place for us to go. So, any chance I get, we are off doing something, even it is just going to check the mail.

My takeaway is this; it is very easy to just sit around and do nothing. But, that will often lead you to doing even more of nothing. You have to fight that urge and even if it is a small thing, just get up and do something. You’ll feel better about it later.


About Thomas J. Brown

I am the last true Saiyan...wait, that can't be right...
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