02/28/2018 – Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others

Like everyone else, I am going to give my opinions on the recent mass shooting.

I’m going to start out in saying that neither banning guns or arming everyone are viable solutions. Both are just talking points that end up turning into arguments, rather than a conversation about solutions.

The first issue you will run into when you try to ban guns is that guns are so ingrained into U.S. culture that it would be next to impossible to ban them. It would be political suicide to any politician that voted to ban all guns. And, should the ban pass, it would tied up in court for decades.

Second issue with banning guns is, sometimes they are a necessity. I live in a city where I can call 911 and there will be a police officer there within a few minutes. However, there are places in the U.S., where people live, that it would take law enforcement an hour or more. For those places, gun ownership is a matter of protection.

As for arming everyone, the biggest issue is that is just going to lead to more accidental shootings from untrained and/or fearful users. Or, the armed person may not be willing to use the gun, which gives the criminal an opportunity to take the weapon and use it.

What I propose we do is three-fold:

  1. There are too many loopholes and failures in the way that guns are obtained. We already know that guns can be deadly in the wrong hands, so we need to ensure that they only get into the right hands. Background checks need to happen for all purchases; gun stores, guns shows, online, and even person-to-person. It is the first level of ensuring that the person obtaining the gun is going to be a responsible owner.
  2. What guns and accessories are legal needs to be redefined. Since 1986, fully automatic weapons have been banned in the U.S. From 1994 to 2004, certain “assault weapons”, like the AR-15, which either it or similar type of rifle have been used in the mass shootings, were banned. And following the shooting in Las Vegas, lawmakers vowed to ban bump stocks, but still have not (at least not on the Federal level).
  3. My third proposal is that there needs to be properly trained (the key words here) armed security at schools to protect the students and faculty. In my first two proposals, we’ve tried to keep the guns away from those who would do harm, so this would be the last line of defense. For this to happen however, schools need more money, so they can pay for this security.

So, those are my thoughts and proposals. I admit, even if properly implemented, they will not shop every shooting. But, they will drastically reduce them, which is better than doing what we’ve been doing all this time, nothing at all.


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