09/28/2017: (not) Movin’ Out

One of my first posts this year, Movin’ Out, was about how I was planning on moving to Canada. Almost eight months later, that plan has changed.

Prior to discussing with my wife, I started researching the information on what was required to move to Canada. The three biggest items were; getting passports, making an inventory of everything we own for Customs, and taking the ESL test. After discussing with my wife, we decided to at least start the requirements. So, we all got passports (I just renewed mine) and I started to inventory all of our belonging. Finding a time and place to take the ESL test was a roadblock, so we’ve still not done that.

The discussion with my wife was that it would be a huge undertaking to move outside the Seattle area, not alone to another country. Even if it had just been us two, it would be difficult, but we also had a toddler and a cat. Plus, since she was very young, she has never lived outside the Seattle area. And, her family was also in this area. So, the move would also be a huge change for her.

For now, we have decided to put the move on hold. Once our daughter is older or if things get worse, we’ll pick up from where we started. Or, we may stay in the U.S., for good or bad. The option is not off the table, it is just not the only option right now.


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