09/26/2017: I don’t wanna grow up

I want to start this post by saying that I give away all rights to this idea that I am about to write about. If implemented, I am willing to sign any legal document stating that I will not seek any reimbursement, profit, or anything else for this idea. All I want is to help keep a business that I like from closing their doors.

Last week, Toys “R” Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company announced that they were not planning on closing any stores. They said that the filing would allow them to reorganize their current business model and stores, so that they could make a profit again. Well, I have a suggestion for that reorganization.

Like all “brick-and-mortar” stores, Toys “R” Us is seeing a lack of people wanting to physically go to a store for items that they could easily get on-line. Yes, they have offered selling things on-line that they also sell in the store, but that still does not get people to actually visit their stores. My idea will get people back into the stores. And, that idea is for Toys “R” Us to get into the day-care business.

Here’s my idea; designate or build part of each Toys “R” Us store into a day-care. Offer full-day, half-day, and even hourly “drop-in” child care. Make certain that is properly staffed, as if it was its own business. Or, even partnership with a local day-care to have them move into the store. Offer longer hours than other day-cares in the area and prices that are either on-par or slightly lower than other day-cares. They should not severely under-cut other day-care businesses, because that will cause community back-lash. They just need to offer something slightly better, to entice parents.

Having a day-care in the store will get parents and kids to at least come to the store. They may not buy something every time, but the store will see an increase of in-store sales. To increase sales, occasionally have toys that are in the store put into the the day-care for kids to play with. This may lead to toy manufactures starting to seeking out and making deals Toys “R” Us when trying to distribute new toys. Which, will also cause more business for Toys “R” Us.


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