08/10/2017: How I would fix the A.C.A. (part 2)

As promised, this post is going into ideas on how hospitals and insurance companies can save money. Because I do not work in the medical field or for an insurance company, my ideas are purely of an outsider. So, they may not be feasible. I’ll start with hospitals first.

My first recommendation is to set up a tiered system of care providers. In other words, have patients see a registered nurse or nurse practitioner instead of a doctor, when possible. For example, if you are going in for your yearly physical, do you really need to see a doctor? Not unless there is something else going on. Which, at that point, you would be seen by a doctor.

Next, I would push to allow for foreign trained doctors to have an easier and quicker path to becoming registered U.S. doctors; if they choose to. My proposal is to first establish a department that could verify medical schooling and degrees of the doctors. Once it is established that they were medically trained, they would need to take a test to determine how much medical knowledge they have. They would be granted a temporary license, which would expire in one year. Depending on the outcome of the test, that license which would either put them at the level of a registered nurse or nurse practitioner. This would allow for them to start working in the medical practice, so they could gain knowledge on the U.S. medical system. When it came time to renew their license, they could either stay at they level they are at or choose to test to see if they could advance.

This recommendation is for both hospitals and insurance companies, and that is, to push patients to have preventative care. For hospitals, it would mean offering advice and assistance on programs to patients for getting and staying healthy. For insurance companies, it would be offering lower premiums and/or coverage for patients that participated in preventative measures. Or course, this would help reduce the amount of patients with preventable medical issues.

Lastly, we need to better educate the general population on how to live healthy. For too long, what is healthy or not has been dictated by who stands to gain the most profit. With the rise of the internet, some people are becoming self-educated and dispelling the dis-information. However, as we’ve seen with the “anti-vaxxer” movement, it only takes a small percentage of the population to cause a medical crisis. Therefore, there needs to be a department that both educates children in school, but also the general public on these myths.

Well, that is my recommendations on the A.C.A. As you noticed, I did not talk about Medicaid. Well, that is because my proposals are bringing the cost of health care coming down, which will also reduce the amount spent on Medicaid. And, if the costs can be brought down low enough, then we may even be able to have an affordable “universal healthcare” system like other countries.


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