06/02/2017: Pick a side, already!

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I consider myself a Liberal. But, I have Conservative leanings on some issues. And, I also have opinions on other issues that do not fall within the Liberal or Conservative side. I know a lot of people like me, who don’t fully agree with one party’s platform.

Unfortunately, in the Unites States, we get “pegged” into being either a Democrat or Republican. And, when the party we are grouped into decides on an issue, it is assumed that we also have the same opinion. Even worse, almost everything is assumed to be an issue and thus, each side decides if they are for or against it. This ends up making every issue a political issue.

I’ve heard the phrases, “living in a vacuum” or “living in a bubble” a lot in the past few months. Simply, it means that someone is not exposed to anything outside of themselves. They only see and hear what they already know, and thus, assume that is everything. Most of us in the United States have become this way.

Remember when I said that every issue is a political issue? Well, some of us don’t like to discuss politics. And, we don’t like to discuss politics, because we don’t like to fight. So, we don’t discuss anything with anyone who we assume would have a different viewpoint. Thus, creating the bubble in which we live.

Part of what makes a great society is being able to have a civil conversation over how that society should work. Conversations over differing viewpoints often lead to new ideas and collaborations, thus moving society forward. It also leads to individuals understanding why certain ideas do not work or how they may be detrimental. When we live in our bubble, we don’t have these conversations.

As you may have guessed by now, in order for our society to move forward, we need to stop making every issue into a political issue. We need to start having conversations with people with differing viewpoints and allow ourselves to understand those viewpoints. As I’ve said many times before, the United States is a giant “melting pot” of cultures. Drawing from all these backgrounds is what made us great before and can make us great again. We just need to stop allowing ourselves to become closed off to anything that the group we are placed into does not agree with.


About Thomas J. Brown

I am the last true Saiyan...wait, that can't be right...
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