02/03/2017: Movin’ Out

I’m planning on moving to Canada.

No, the move is not some type of protest. No, the plan is not to temporarily move. Moving to another country is something I have considered for many years. Moving to Canada is something I have considered for over a year now.

It is not that I don’t like the United States. From my observations, Canadian culture just seems more in-line with how I want to live my life. It also seems closer to what I am accustom to, yet different in ways that I like.

But, I do admit, I want to badly leave the United States. There has been something “brewing” for the past few decades, at least since the end of the Cold War. There is a lot of anger and fear among my fellow citizens. And, our leaders are not doing anything to calm us down. If anything, they are stoking the fire.

I’m predicting that the U.S. will be starting another war, be it a Civil War or World War III. It may be days, month, or even years before it happens. But, even if it takes a decade, just the level of fear and anger is not something I want my daughter to be raised in.

I want my daughter to be able to reach her full potential without worry of being persecuted at every turn. I don’t want her to have to fear for her safety when she goes to school. I don’t want her feel like she needs to be a certain religion or opportunities are closed to her. And, I believe that Canada is the place that will afford her all of this.

As of this writing, the most I have done to start the process is discuss it with my wife (most important), and check into what is required to immigrate to Canada. It will mean leaving behind all our friends and family. And, it will mean going to a place that is new to us. The company I work for has an office in Vancouver, so I can try to see if I can get transferred. But, if I can’t, it would mean that I would need to find a new job.

The entire process will may take up to a year. I will try to update this blog with information when I can.


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